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Innovo IT Consulting approached us to help them redesign and rebuild their existing website which was initially designed in house and had undergone a lot of minor changes, which they felt had not got them to the place they had originally envisioned.

They already had some basic branding materials, which they were keen to keep and build upon.

They realised that this was a project that went further than simply building a new website. Previously, they had made changes on their website that flipped back and forth a lot. We realised this was because there was rarely any clear reasoning why this change was being considered or what the outcome would be. They were keen to have us guide them through this process so that in the future there is a solid base for this decision making.

“The different options Richard introduced were like nothing else I’d thought of, really opened my eyes to something really new.

The idea of the site looking like an app was really cool.”

Paul Goggin
Owner @ Innovo-IT Consulting


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The Context

Innovo-IT Consulting is a cloud consulting company, owned and run by Paul Goggin. I have known Paul for quite some time and talking to him, it’s always been obvious that he has an immense amount of knowledge and passion for helping businesses operate more efficiently and more environmentally friendly, so much so that he has written a book about it called Cloud First.

They had also just started a full scale audit of their position in the market, the services they offer and who they offer them to, and the message they wanted to get across. This was the perfect time to look at a new website as a significant part of this change.

The Challenge

This was a full redesign and rebuild. With the exception of the logo, nothing from the existing website was kept.

The existing website was confusing to navigate, didn’t have the professional feel they needed and didn’t push the boundaries of what was possible, which was an important part of the impression they wanted to get across. They are asking their clients to be forward thinking and modern in their working practices so felt they needed their website to be the same. The tricky thing about doing something ‘cool’ is doing it for a reason, making sure that it actually serves some genuine purpose and is useful for visitors.

We did this by using an AI powered chatbot that allows visitors to ask questions and are guided to the correct part of the website to get the answers they are looking for. As time goes on, the functionality of this chatbot will improve, giving us almost limitless possibilities. Chatbots have come a long way since we first started seeing them. Technology needs to be helpful and not a hindrance and if it’s difficult or frustrating to use then visitors simply won’t use it. It also needed to get out of the way when people simply wanted to talk to a real person. We achieved this by programming it to not make an assumption about what the visitor wants but to ask the question. If the visitor wants a phone number or and email address to contact, it provides it.

In addition, we also wanted to make the book more prominent and streamline the downloading process so it’s easy for visitors to obtain.

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The Process

As is standard with projects like this, we underwent an extensive discovery process prior to the design stage. This was an interesting part of the project as it was obvious we were part of a larger change in the business. We were fitting into and connecting with a bigger reassessment of the marketing presence. This meant we were really able to clarify what the business objectives for the project were because the mental cogs had already been turning.

Following discovery, we put together some concepts, one of which was a little more ‘out there’ but one that I secretly liked the best. Unfortunately, as much as I sometimes wish I could tell the client what to do, there are two sides involved and we make recommendations based on what we’ve already learnt about their business. Luckily though, they agreed with me and were really excited about how it had captured the brief yet creatively pushed the boundaries.

We were now very keen to get started on the actual build, which was a little bit more involved than normal as it wasn’t just about building the website, it was also about programming and testing the chatbot.

At this point, our copywriter, Nic Evans from Word-IT, got involved and started to create all brand new copy for the entire site. Nic works closely with both us as developers and the client themselves. Nic is an expert at crafting the right message that connects with the target demographic. Copywriting is a specific skillset and its important to find the right person to undertake this important task. It’s a critically important step in the success of a website and should not be an afterthought.

As is part of our process, we did this initially on a local development server before moving it to a staging server at the point where it was largely functional and could be shown to the client without being available for the rest of the world to see. We also ran our standard technical checklists to ensure that everything operated as slickly and error free as we would want.

Once the staging version of the website was signed off and our checks were complete, we were able to push it live. We took care of this entire process, the client was completely hands off. They just waited for the email to arrive to tell them their new website is now live for the entire world to see.

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The Future

We are hosting the website on behalf of the client, on one of our dedicated VPS’s (virtual private servers). This means the website exists on its own personal server and is not shared with other websites, which gives us the flexibility to improve performance and security. We also have direct access to the server, so we don’t need to go through any external supplier to make any changes that we need. We can do what we want to, very quickly.

We are also responsible for regular secure (cloud based!) backups and keeping the plugins and WordPress itself up to date on an on-going basis. Again, the client is completely hands off, we take care of all of it on their behalf.

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