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The project needed us to take on the role of developers. The design refresh of the website was undertaken by the great guys at Lemon Creative. They worked with Linda Garcia, owner of Alluxi Consulting and provided the final design to us, to turn into a functioning website.

“Having worked with Richard on previous projects I naturally turned to Torble Design for updating my website.

Richard works in a meticulous, methodical and detailed way to ensure the end result delivers the clients expectations.  I’m extremely happy with the outcome “

Linda Garcia
Owner @ Alluxi Consulting Ltd


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The Context

Alluxi Consulting is an established consultancy that focuses on using productivity to optimise profitability.

They had an existing website, designed by Lemon Creative, which needed a refresh rather than a rebuild to add some new functionality, such as the professionally commissioned video content and new case studies. The opportunity was also taken to use Loris Clements to refine and revise the copy throughout the website.


The Challenge

Usually, the challenge on a project such as this is to really drill down and understand the business objectives and how the website will connect the target demographic to those objectives.

As this wasn’t a complete rebuild and the business had already been established for some time, those objectives had already been defined.

Our role was exclusively to take the newly refreshed design and use our development expertise to turn it into a website.

There’s always something new to learn however and working as part of a larger team of design agency, copywriter and client was genuinely satisfying.

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The Process

Although discovery, wireframes and mockups had already been done, there is still a large element of problem solving when it comes to taking a mockup and turning it into an interactive website. For example, a mockup may show a space where a video on the homepage will go and we know what video that will be but what’s the most appropriate way of implementing that video into the website.

We already know that the website will be viewed on many different devices, with many different types of connection, some fast and some not so fast. As the new videos were a key part of the refresh it was important that every user gets the same experience regardless of the hardware they are viewing the site on or the speed of the connection. We found the perfect solution in streaming from Vimeo. Vimeo along with YouTube are the two main players in video stream. Both have the experience and hardware to do a great job, everytime. Vimeo has the edge over YouTube due to their professional level accounts which allow for the removal of all of the branding that would otherwise normally accompany embedded and streamed videos. These branding elements would have a negative impact on the look and feel of the website so being able to have a super clean and elegant solution was exactly what we needed.  It fits in perfectly and looks like it’s part of the website, whereas behind the scenes it’s coming from an external source.

As is our standard process, we initially built the website on a local development server, which was then pushed to a private staging server for the client and ourselves to see, hidden from the rest of the world. This enabled us to make tweaks and changes as well as run our technical checks to ensure everything runs smoothly when the website goes live.

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The Future

The website is hosted on one of our fast virtual private servers. They are secure, stable and scalable and offered a significant performance increase over most shared hosting solutions.

We take care of the regular backups as well as WordPress core and plugin updates which is critically important when it comes to keeping the website secure.

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