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I hired Torble Design to create my new website for me. They were so professional, the work is impressive and they had great marketing advice too. They explained everything really clearly and were able to solve any issues and questions I had.

I love what they have created.

Marilyn Whiston

Owner, Relax VA


The project required a complete branding, web design and web development solution that would faciliate the company introducing itself into the marketplace.

The Context

Marilyn has extensive experience as a virtual assistant however Relax VA is a brand new venture and needed a modern and vibrant approach that would give her a point of differentiation over her competitors.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create dynamic branding that sat on top of a simple to navigate website that felt personal as well as professional. It needed to clearly document Marilyns approach, beliefs and experience.

The Solution

The solution was a single page website that scaled across desktop, tablet and mobile, with subtle design changes to take advantage of the different aspect ratios without compromising the content.

Design Insight

The branding needed to reflect the ‘Relax’ in Relax VA but as the same time be modern and dynamic. We chose a deep orange as the main tone across the site.

The site follows the A (attention) I (interest) D (desire) A (action) principle, with an attention grabbing header image, that guides the viewer to learn more about the services, which leads on to detail about Marilyns experience and her range of existing client testimonials and then a beautiful contact form.

The Build

As is our process, the site was constructed on a local development environment that we were able to show to the client as the design progressed. Once everything was complete, it was pushed to the live site for the world to see. The live site has built in regular and automated backups, security and analytics.

The Future

The client is provided with their own login credentials that allow them to update the site as needed, such as adding new blog posts. The rest of the maintance such as site updates is all taken care of by us.

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