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When after 3 years my website started to look a bit jaded and flat I knew it was time for change. I needed my new website to fully represent the brands that I supply with a simple elegant layout, after my initial discussion with Richard at Torble Design I knew very quickly that they were the ones that I wanted to entrust my new website to.

They were extremely professional in every aspect of the process and kept me involved all the way through. I am delighted with my new website and would highly recommend Torble Design to anyone seeking a new fresh looking website design.

Steve W.

Owner, Danish Audio Company


The project needed a new web design and web development service to turn their existing website, which was a few years old, into a brand new one that enabled them to take their business to the next level.

They already had an existing logo, which was professionally designed, but needed a new colour and typeface identity to tie everything together.

The Context

Danish Audio Company is a high end audio consultancy who provide bespoke audio and cinema systems from mainly Danish brands.

They had an existing website that was built in house which didn’t have their design and performance orientated ethos and was preventing them from being able to build relationships with potential clients and suppliers and ultimately grow the turnover and reputation of the business.

The Challenge

The challenge was to build a website that equally met the needs of the companies two very different client demographics, one of whom is very design orientated and is likely to be employing the services of a dedicated interior designer but who won’t compromise on sound quality and one who is an audio enthusiast first and likes to delve deep into technical specifications and documents.

It needed to be immediately clear to the latter that the company does not prioritise design over performance and that both have equal importance.  The most obvious way we did this was with the front page header tagline “Beautiful Sound meets Beautiful Design”. We also made sure that the imagery provided on each individual product page showed the rear of the products, with all the connections, wherever possible.

Design Insight

It was important to clearly and immediately get across the message that this is not just any audio consultancy. Most businessess in this industry are product and not design focused, Danish Audio Company are different.

Large, full screen images make up the majority of the home page with beautiful lifestyle photography that very quickly tells the story that this company really understands their target market.

The product page has images of the products in their natural environment up front, wherever possible. Not all manufacturers provide this type of imagery unfortunately however as they update their own archives to do so, we can do the same.

The colour scheme pulls from the Danish inspired red from the existing logo, which permeates through the site in image overlays and section dividers. It’s a subtle reminder of the Danish background. In addition to the red, we paired a darker colour, that when used together is both modern and classy. We were always aware that the site will be viewed by interior designers who have an expert eye and we needed to meet that level of quality.


The Build

As is our process, we initially created wireframe layouts which once signed off were transformed into a local build of the website. Once the majority of the site was complete, we created a private ‘staging’ server, which allowed us to run live performance tests as well as show the client the current progress. Once the tests are complete and any last minute changes are made, the site went live for the world to see.

The site is hosted by us on a fast ‘virtual private server’ meaning it does not share server space with other websites, improving both speed and security. SSL is included as standard as with all our projects.

The Future

The client is provided with their own login credentials that allow them to update the site as needed, such as adding new blog posts, should they wish to do so.

The rest of the maintance such as site updates, security monitoring and analytics is all taken care of by us.

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